HURRY! Getting My Loot Before THEY Do ? Let’s Play TreeCrafters Challenge Summer Ep. 0

Before I even got a chance to record Episode 1 of this new Summer series of Let’s Play TreeCrafters, I’ve got to make an emergency run to grab my loot before some other players do. This is a short episode so you can see my quick adventure over to a nearby jungle temple and witch hut to see what is inside those chests. Spoiler: It’s pretty great stuff.

If you are unfamiliar with the Tree Spirit Challenge, and therefore don’t know how we set up the TreeCrafters Challenge, you can learn more about it here:

You can also follow the TreeCrafters Challenge plugin updates, which is currently in private beta testing for future public release, in this playlist about Minecraft Server Plugins:

Apply to join the TreeCrafters Online server whitelist at the link below!

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