? Anarchy Minecraft Server for Bedrock – The Haus

Introducing my new server, The Haus – An Anarchy Minecraft Server for Bedrock (Pocket Edition, Windows 10, and Console) version 1.6.1

This is an Anarchy Minecraft Server.

That means that people can grief and kill you any time they want. Don’t get upset if you log on one day and everything you build is gone. That’s part of the challenge, though! Can you survive? Can you thrive? Probably not, but it’s worth a shot, right?

One Rule:
No harassment. Meaning, no racism, sexism, or threats against another person (this includes text chat in game and in Discord, voice chat in Discord, and racist skins). Even while this is an anarchy server, I won’t tolerate hate speech. If you break this rule, you get 1 warning and then you’ll be perm-banned. No exceptions.

I’ll upgrade the server resources as needed, but if the server goes down don’t expect it will stay down for long. If you’d like to throw a few dollars in to pay for hosting, use https://paypal.me/anotherguy

The Haus Server Address: – Port: 25676
The Haus Discord: https://discord.gg/ZNQrhXd

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? Music from Epidemic Sound used with permission.