Tree Farm Is DONE – Terrain Time! ? Ep. #11 Haus of Stifflered – Let’s Play 1.13 Minecraft Survival

What an incredibly long video. Normally I try and plan for under 30 minutes for a Minecraft Let’s Play episode, and this one ran 40 MINUTES! The reason is simple: I lost the clips to the episode I was originally going to air (OBS gave me black-screen recordings), but I still needed to get an episode out for you so I took the clips for the next episode and combined them into this one. End result: one really long episode.

Besides that, though, I really enjoyed this episode. There’s just something about landscaping and terraforming in Minecraft that I really enjoy. Maybe it’s because of the wide range of blocks being used, or because this proves that a blocky game can still be “beautiful”. I just love it, and I got to sink my teeth in just a tiny bit on a small landscaping project around the fully operational tree and podzol farm.

After that was all done I went on a short adventure, and I realized that I really need to make an automated food farm of some kind. That’ll have to be the next episode. 😉

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I’ve been playing Minecraft off-and-on since Beta 1.5 in 2011, and in all those years I have never beat Minecraft Survival.

It’s time to change that. Welcome to Haus of Stifflered, my new Let’s Play Minecraft Survival series here with Update Aquatic 1.13 official release. I plan on continuing this series at least until I beat every boss, discover every structure, and gather every item that you can get in Survival Minecraft.

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