Server Owners United Meeting Notes (+Recording)

Server Owners United 10/26/2018 Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes (taken by WingedChamp312):

There is a lot of silence in this recording. This is to give other people in the call to type out responses. Just be patient while waiting for more things to be said.

Time stamps match the main section in the audio recording (above) where we discussed these ideas. Some topics are covered or referred back to in other sections throughout the meeting.

Topics Covered:

  • New Rules
  • Channel Organization
  • More Useful Roles
  • Plugin Test Servers
  • New Website


“We rise by lifting others”

—Server Rules—

Time Stamp: Started the recording after discussing this, but is reviewed early on in the audio clip above.

  • move rules toward a more professional and respectful route. Making it PG
  • reduce swearing and make things respectful/professional for everyone. (Making sure everyone is comfortable)
  • made a rule for no blatant self promotion

—Channel Organization—

Time Stamp: 0:00

  • self promotion. How should it work?
    • went over idea for a self promotion channel that isn’t necessary a #self-promotion
    • went over a server of the week option. (Possible but could be an issue)
    • decided on a collab channel and a feedback channel
    • give feedback, don’t just request it. Asking everyone to participate.
    • going to have a pre-planned format for these channels as to prevent spam
    • discussed increased staff due to these increased rules.
    • New channels: #feedback and #collaboration
  • Channels that could be removed.
    • #server-showcase
    • Most #services (getting revamped)
  • Remove all the different services request and consolidate to two channels.
    • Splitting the #service-requests into two channels. One as Art, video, and content related and another as Server/dev/build services
      • Want to make sure we keep our server integrity by not making it available for scams.
      • making the services safe by having increased requirements for the chats.
      • Replies to services generate a private chat in the actual server as to also help prevent scams and increase personal safety/comfort for the service provider. (Also makes staff available for mediation and a record of the transaction/chat)
      • gives an increased feeling of safety
      • introduced an idea of when the private chat closes people in the chat can rate each other after the convo – this rating affects the role the users get on the server
  • New #tips channel for sharing tips, not for conversations
  • New #podcast channel for interviews

— Roles and Permissions —

Time Stamp: 38:00

  • New Roles based on rating given through the services hiring/offering chats AND invisible roles based on activity/upvotes in the chats
  • Rank would be based on trust of the person, ease to work with, and quality of work they do – Rank would be based on an average of 1 to 5 stars
  • Everyone would start with Unranked and earn stars from hiring/being hired by others
  • Rank would be based on services you give or receive.
  • Activity level (advice given, upvoted, etc….) will also be apart of the new roles system to show they are trusted and active but may not offer or ask for services.
  • Activity level role is hidden (not shown in the sidebar of Discord) but when reaching a certain level will unlock the ability to edit the user’s nickname, allowing them to add an Emoji which denotes their activity / upvotes
  • Someone who is Unranked and does not hire or get hired can still be shown as trustworthy and active (with the emojis)
  • Would have an upvote option for if people had very good advice for others
  • Would need to be done by a bot.

— Plugin Test Server —

Time Stamp: 58:20

  • Offer a server network with different versions (the ‘Big Ones’ 1.8, 1.12.2, 1.13.2+) and allow server owners to test many various plugins
  • Tech could build a separate plugin for Uperms that works alongside other plugins as a demo but would also allow managing the permissions of users of the test server which they can’t manipulate.
  • Plugins would run along side some of the most popular plugins, which makes this test server a marketing channel for them
  • Servers cost money. And eventually it would cost quite a bit for resources.
    • Monetization Options (ranked from best to worst option):
      • Possibly having build teams sponsor the server and showcase their building.
      • Possible advertisement/sponsorship from hosting networks to help with cost.
      • Possibly charging premium devs for use of the testing server
      • Possibly asking for other outside donations/ free will donations. Whatever people can afford.

— New Website | —

Time Stamp: 1:33:30

  • Essentially a Minecraft news website plus resources for server owners
  • includes plugin reviews and release news, build teams, snapshots, official Minecraft news, podcasts, reviews, tips, FAQ, why use this vs that, editorials, etc….
  • An honest, up to date, Minecraft News, reviews, editorials, long and short form content place.
  • Plugin, mod, and schematics sales/directory
    • Plugins on the test server would also have to be in the plugin directory on the website.
    • More clear update notes
    • User Reviews of plugins would have better data gathered with a short survey of questions relating to the plugin they’re reviewing and environment they’re using it in
  • Would build a knowledge base of content which will server server owners and their staff with bite-sized content about using specific features on specific plugins
    • Develop an in-game plugin for server owners to get a GUI with all knowledge base articles related to the plugins they have installed within instant reach (no more searching the web for up to date info or asking staff to watch 45 minute long tutorial videos to find simple answers)
    • Plugin developers would be encouraged to use our website for their plugin wiki
  • Forums
  • Integration with Discord roles
  • Monetization:
    • Sponsored Ads
    • Developers could agree to a small percentage of the sale being given to the website
    • Sales of schematics would bring a small commission
    • Computer Hardware reviews and sales (start with Amazon Affiliate links, move up to dedicated hardware providers partnering with us)
    • Donations
  • The Name:


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