Brewing the Way (Paperback)

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As a pre-order buyer of the Brewing the Way Paperback book, you will receive your copy of the finished book before it is released for sale anywhere else. Along the way you will receive:

  • A copy of Brewing the Way, signed by the Author, and delivered straight to your door BEFORE sales go live for anyone else
  • Printed and PDF copies of the exclusive preview chapter, The Journey Begins, not to be printed in the final book
  • Access to private content only shared with other pre-ordering customers (my personal coffee cocktail recipes, brewing techniques, coupons from partnered coffee roasters, and more!)
  • Special invite to the book’s official launch party
  • Unique Tag on your #btw Profile page to show everyone you are an early supporter
  • “Name Your Own” pricing structure, where you get to choose what you’d like to pay for the book
  • A HUGE “Thank You” for supporting this project, and my dream 🙂

Minimum Price:$8.99


Product Description

Estimated delivery of the Paperback book is September 2016.

After pre-order is completed and verified, you will receive your exclusive content perks via email within 24-48 hours.


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