Introducing My First Book: Brewing The Way

This announcement is kind of a big deal (I’m so excited!!!!!), so here are the contents for convenient navigation:


The Announcement – Brewing The Way is coming soon!

I am pleased to announce that I am currently in the final phase of self-publishing my first book, Brewing The Way. This collection of true stories weaves a narrative about how coffee has profoundly affected my life and the lives of millions through its relatively short history as one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

It begins with the story featured in my TEDx Talk, which you can watch below, and continues through the past decade as I have gotten to know an enormous variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures, financial statuses, and religions. This book aims to tell their stories and show how simple acts of kindness, like when a person buys a stranger a cup of coffee, can very literally change people’s lives.

I have been working passionately in the food service industry for half of my adult life, and as a barista for nearly 5 years. I have learned so much along the way, and now I am excited to share some of those things that I’ve learned with all of you. I hope that while reading this book you’ll get to understand why coffee is important to so many of us, why I’m personally so passionate about serving it excellently, and why it will continue to be an integral part of our communities for many years to come (just as it has for many generations before us).

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll become introspective and think about your own perspectives on life and the pursuit of happiness. That’s the goal I have when I hand someone a cup of coffee every day, and that’s the goal I have when I hand you this book later this year.

Oh, and to prove that this book is already nearing completion and will be delivered within the next several months, pre-orders are already live (details below). 🙂

Want a FREE Preview Chapter?

To show you what this book is all about, I’ve written a very short (true) story about my recent adventure in Chicago, IL and a train ride that absolutely blew me away. This story will NOT be included in the final book, and will only be available while pre-orders are live, so make sure you get it now before it goes away!

To get a digital copy (PDF), all you have to do is sign-up for the Brewing The Way email newsletter. I promise you won’t get spammed for signing-up. The newsletter is my way of sending announcements about the availability of the final book, events I’ll be speaking at on the subject of coffee and kindness, and any other major news relating to Brewing The Way.

All pre-order customers will also receive a printed copy of this book, signed by me, in the mail before the final book is even printed and released.


To sign-up (and get your copy of Chapter 0.1: The Journey Begins), just click the link below.

Sign-Up and Get Your Copy

Your Story Could Be Featured!

Throughout the book you will read dozens of stories submitted by readers like yourself who have come to find coffee as more than just a beverage, but as an opportunity to connect with the world around them.

Here’s one such story from my good personal friend, A.J. Searle.

My job likes to take me to a lot of cool places (okay, mostly all around Michigan). My favorite thing to do while I am out traveling is to visit as many local coffee shops as I can. I’ve learned so many cool things about the cities and gotten some incredible food recommendations along the way as well.

One evening I was in Rochester Hills, MI and I stumbled upon a great shop in the downtown area. I had had a long day of traveling and looked pretty disheveled, but I just told myself all I needed was a cup of coffee and spot to read a good book.

The minute I walked in, an older gentleman looked at me and had this slight smile about him. He walked right up to me and said, “I’m reading that book right now, can I buy a cup of coffee so we can talk about it?” I haven’t had someone speak to me that boldly since a Brown’s fan tried to tell me they had a shot at the Super Bowl this year!

Ed was a 68 year old man that had so much wisdom and love in his heart. We talked, laughed, and learned from each other and I left that evening feeling refreshed about… well… life! Coffee seems to be a common factor among a lot of the incredible people I’ve gotten to know.

This book is not just a series of stories told from my perspective, but from many different perspectives – and yours could be one of them! To submit your own story to be featured in the book, just fill out the form below.

Support This Project – Pre-order Your Copy Now

Ever since I made it known that I was going to be self-publishing this book, people have asked me if they can pre-order their copy to get it before anyone else.

I am so pleased to answer that, yes, finally, pre-orders are live. 🙂

With about 2 months to go before the book’s production cycle is complete, you are now welcome to pre-order your copy (in both paperback and eBook flavors).

Your early financial support of this project will go towards hiring a phenomenal Editor team that can help take it to a whole new level of quality and storytelling, finalizing the artwork and cover design, cover the up-front printing and shipping costs for each physical copy delivered, and make it easier to give my full attention to putting on the finishing touches during the final few weeks before release.

To thank you for supporting this project (and my dream of completing it), I’m including a few bonuses only for pre-order customers:

  • A FREE printed copy of The Journey Begins preview chapter will be signed and delivered to your door in the mail (PDF versions for those who do not want a paper copy)
  • Printed copies of Brewing the Way will be signed by the Author, and delivered straight to your door BEFORE sales go live for anyone else (Estimated Delivery – September 2016)
  • eBook and other digital copies will be delivered BEFORE even the paperback versions are shipped (Estimated Delivery – September 2016)
  • Access to private content only shared with other pre-ordering customers (my personal coffee cocktail recipes, brewing techniques, coupons from partnered coffee roasters, and more!)
  • Special invite to the book’s official launch party
  • Unique Tag on your #btw Profile page to show everyone you are an early supporter
  • “Name Your Own” pricing structure, where you get to choose what you’d like to pay for the book. I know, crazy idea, huh?

Ready to order your copy ahead of time? Click the appropriate link below.

Pre-Order a Paperback Version   –    Pre-Order an eBook Version

Thank You

Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to publish a book. I remember sitting in my kindergarten class with my fellow students circled around me, reading the latest adventurous stories I’d come up with out of my own imagination.

I feel as though my life’s purpose is being fulfilled as I continue moving towards the completion and publication of this first book.

To all of you that have shown me such immense encouragement and support along the way, and especially to those of you who are pre-ordering the book now and voting for this endeavor with your wallets, I thank you so much.

I cannot wait to get this book in your hands. These are exciting times. 🙂

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