How To Start A Minecraft Server! Tutorial for Java, PaperSpigot, and Shared Hosting

Recently I’ve started to get more questions from people asking for basic information about how to start their first Minecraft server. Rather than answering them in chat on Discord, I decided to make a video on the subject and cover some of the first steps towards starting a brand new Minecraft server, and thus this video was created.

This can be such an overwhelming subject for people who are just dipping their toes in the ocean of information on how to start a Minecraft server, that I’m going to turn this into a new series of videos. Each week I’ll try to tackle a different subject about the tools that we need to master in order to build solid servers, and hopefully over time that means we’ll have a great library of tutorials that anyone can watch through and understand.


1:47 – What type of server jar should you use?
4:18 – How to choose a server host
8:00 – What size server host should you buy?
12:44 – Using Multicraft
16:28 – What is the “Console”?
18:34 – How to use FTP to manage files and upload worlds
20:45 – Important files to configure
24:35 – Install A Different Minecraft Server Jar (PaperSpigot)
28:19 – How to install Minecraft Plugins

This is a brief overview meant to get you started with your very first server and start building your Minecraft community the way you’ve always envisioned. If you’re curious about all of the steps that it takes to launch a Minecraft server in 2018, this is the video that you need to watch.

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Ultra Permissions for Spigot Minecraft Servers – Feature Overview

I have been using the Ultra Permissions Spigot plugin for my Minecraft server almost from the day I launched it, and it has been nothing short of fantastic for me. This Permissions Manager covers everything you’d expect, but runs it all in an easy to use GUI with some extra features that make permissions management a breeze.

Developer: TechsCode
Learn More and Download:

Disclaimer: I have been working with the developer of this plugin, TechsCode, for several months on several of my own projects. Though, I originally hired him because I was so impressed by his work with Ultra Permissions.