A New Adventure Begins – Chapter 1 ? Haus of Stifflered

Let’s unravel the mystery of this teleport, shall we?

Welcome to a brand new Minecraft Let’s Play series, the Haus of Stifflered! Which is actually the continuation of my previous Let’s Play series, also called the Haus of Stifflered. 😛

Watch the previous episode on my other channel, Café Stifflered, and hear the announcement about why I’m moving all of my Let’s Play gaming content over to this new channel:

? Support the Channel ? https://patreon.com/stifflered

? Video Tips for Minecraft Server Owners ? https://bit.ly/CafeStifflered


? Discord ? https://discord.gg/pAephUy
? TreeCrafters Minecraft Server ? https://treecrafters.online/
?Twitter ? https://twitter.com/anotherguy
? Instagram ? https://instagram.com/stifflered

? Music from Epidemic Sound used with permission.

Thanks to TheKeita for her help!

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