3 Easiest Tips for Creating and Remembering the Most Secure Passwords

When I describe my password habits to some people, they often act a bit confused:

  • I have a different, secure password for every website
  • I don’t memorize any of them
  • I never have a problem logging in

I’ve talked to many people over the last year about their password habits, and it’s amazing to me that so many people have bad password habits. Most people, even the techies that I know, have numerous online accounts that are so easy to break into that it’s surprising that they haven’t already. And for the rest of the masses that constantly forget their passwords, I’m always slightly embarrassed for them when they switch to a different computer and can’t log into their accounts.

Luckily, I have a few easy tips for keeping your passwords secure, unique, and easy to figure out when you forget them. Continue reading →

On Immovable Objects and Unstoppable Forces

I wrote this article 6 years ago today, but it got removed from this website in one of my many rebuilds of anotherguy.us – it’s back now, in all of it’s original splendor. Enjoy.

What happens when an Unstoppable Force collides with an Immovable Object?

Over the course of time, our greatest minds (some not so great) have given this question a lot of thought. There have been dozens of answers provided as a means to put finality on this discussion, and while some are very good (others very funny), they’ve not satisfied my thirst for more knowledge on the subject. I’ve been pondering this question myself for some time, and was recently reminded of the question by Andrew Eddie and his wonderful tweet.

But why am I not satisfied? There are several reasons: Continue reading →