Podio for WP Plugin – Now In Development

I am pleased to announce that development for Podio for WP is now underway. While development will be officially running under Aether CS, I’ll be publishing updates, news, and changelogs here for people to review while we get it to a strong enough status that it can be released to the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

This first version of the Podio for WP plugin has two simple features:

  • Easy installation of the Podio PHP Client into your WordPress website
  • Write Podio functionality in the podio-for-wp.php file (in the plugin’s directory) instead of your theme’s functions.php file, allowing you to update your theme easily without losing any Podio integration.

Future versions of this plugin will include features such as:

  • Set your API keys into the app securely via a settings page in the WP Dashboard
  • View a list of your existing Podio Workspaces, Apps, and Fields with related Developer Keys
  • Automatically create new Podio Items in a specific App based on new posts published, contact form submission, GravityForm entries, WooCommerce purchases, and more
  • Get access to our knowledge base of tutorials and support articles for both Podio and WP development
  • Pull data back from a specific Podio App and display it on a page or post with a WP shortcode

This is just the beginning, but the AetherCS team is very excited about what this plugin will be able to do in upcoming releases.

Download Link: podio-wp

If you’d like assistance with setting up Podio, WordPress, or some custom integration between the two, please don’t hesitate to contact me and my team. More than happy to help.

Eight Years Later (or There and Back Again)

When Facebook’s new On This Day¬†feature was first released, I was skeptical.

“Do we really need another way to show off our narcissism to the world?”, was a question I asked a few times, early on.

Then it started growing on me, and I found usefulness in it’s time travelling capabilities.

Perhaps it’s my own narcissistic tendencies getting the best of me, but these days there is joy to be had in looking back in years past.

Eight years ago today, I bought my very first smartphone. Continue reading →

Don’t Take Fake Risks Just To Look Good

We humans can be fairly bad at taking risks.

That is to say, I find myself quite often taking risks that aren’t really risks at all, and therefore don’t really do anything to progress my life in some further direction.

Or worse, the risks I’m taking are sending me in entirely the wrong direction.

Each of us, as individuals, have very different skillsets, beliefs, backgrounds, and pursuits. We all have experienced the world from different perspectives, and each of those perspectives has contributed to who we are at any given moment. Continue reading →

Just Lanched: ChryssyPayne.com

Happy to announce the latest website project that I had the opportunity to work on has been launched. Chryssy Payne is a Christian Hip-Hop artist based in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. She’s got a lot of passion and a lot of drive, and together we were able to come up with a simple website that accomplished several goals. All of which were done through WordPress and a few plugins and customizations. Continue reading →